A small project with Big Stitch Hand Quilting

 Are you intrigued by the notion of Big Stitch hand quilting and you are looking for a modern feel? 

Checker Board, a pillow pattern, is a good place to start. Checker Board is available in the 2018 Fall issue of Canadian Quilter. To subscribe, visit the Canadian Association of Quilters.

I created the following video tutorial as a support to the free pattern and article published in Canadian Quilter.

In this video I demonstrate how to use Big Stitch Hand Quilting and the four basic skills used to quilt by hand. You will learn how and why to make a quilter’s knot, the actual quilting stitch and starting and finishing a row of quilting.


Work along with me and practice the four basic steps. Once you have mastered CheckerBoard, try combining quilting with a walking foot and some Big Stitch Hand Quilting in my latest pattern ” Joy”

Materials list of supplies I use:

  • Perle cotton. I prefer Valdani number 12.
  • Chenille needles size 22 or 24;
  • Thimble
  • Finger pad available at a stationary store. I found them at Staples.

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