The Trader

Who doesn’t want a quick and easy pattern to sew up and quilt it on their own domestic machine. Hello and welcome “the Trader”! – a pattern designed just for you. Amaze that new mom or special person with your talents when you are pressed for time but have to – just have to – give them a quilt.

The pattern offers two sizes – baby and lap with 2 different colour layouts – lot’s of options to play with colour and use your stash too.

The Trader and it’s points were inspired by vintage blankets. These blankets were once traded using a size described by the number of points that were visible when the blanket was fol
ded. The greater the number of points the larger the blanket. The “Trader” pattern’s  points are a symbol of that vintage practice.

I added an optional maple leaf for the locals here in Canada. But the maple leaf does standout and it gives you a shape to use echo quilting.

The stripes in the pattern are a good way to practice a quilt design in a small scale. When you are ready to go beyond samples but still wary of attempting a larger quilt this is a good next step. The pattern can help you build the confidence to take on those larger projects you have been itching to make. I used a combination of quilting designs and you can too. The baby size quilt uses straight line, echo and diagonal quilting. The lap size uses straight and gentle curves. Yes, I quilted these myself and like all quilters I can pick out all the mistakes. So shhh….NO matter how hard we try we are not machines and there is love in every one of those stitches.

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Credt for amazing photos goes to Tara McInerney