Week Two Half Square Triangle – so many options

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Week Two starts with making the Half Square Triangles (HST). We will be making lots of them!!

The HST block finishes at 3″ x 3″.  Use a pair of  4″ x 4″ squares  to create 2 Half Square Triangles HST and square them to 3.5″ x 3.5″  ( 3.5 ” includes the seam allowance.)  I find starting with a 4″ fabric cut will give you a lots of wiggle room to square up your HST.

I wanted to mention the Quilt in a Day Triangular Ruler – an essential rulers in my collection. Just Like fabric who doesn’t need a new tool? Week Three will feature the Wing Clipper Ruler..another must have. Check out @SunnyQulitCreative for the Wing Clipper Ruler

There many ways to construct Half Square Triangle.  My particular recommendations:

  1. Use Best Press (or similar) Helps to keep the bias edges in in place.
  2. A sharp pencil for drawing lines – no one will see the pencil marking. Draw the centre line and  lines on either side of the centre line to make a line to sew on.  
  3. As shown in the first picture I nudge my 1/4″ mark on my ruler mark slightly left of centre to give me the scant 1/4″ seam allowance. It really makes a difference for me.
  4. Use the Quilt in A Day Triangular Ruler to share up the block.  Check Out Melanie Taylor’s video at the end of the blog post for instructions on how to use the ruler. 

For even more methods to create half square triangles I’ve posted an another video by Karen Brown of “Just get it Done”– oh so many great ideas!!

We are pretty sure you have a favourite method as well!!! Please share it with your fellow quilters over the next week.

Did I mention Week Two prizes?? a Wing Clipper Ruler and the Ultimate 3-1 Color Tool

Resources for making Half Square Triangles


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