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I’d like to say I am retired because it has a special ring to it. Life of leisure – time on your hands. Palm trees… I am retired from teaching, selling real estate and being a school board trustee but I am definitely not retired from all things fabric, thread and yarn. I am thrilled to see the resurgence in the interest in sewing, quilting and DIY projects.
I started designing patterns on a request from Modern Bee for their 2015 Row by Row pattern.  Since that I time I added more patterns. Shop
I am a founding member and president of the Niagara Modern Quilt Guild soaking up all the knowledge and skills of some very interesting quilters. Gramma to Mavis, Leo, Kees, Alec, Owen and Wil. Wife to Giancarlo whose spirit is always with me. Just not here to take care of life’s little mysteries.

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